In this video, my father and I are in a CLEAR WATER I Colombia. I choose to take a couple of casts to a creek opening, and end up reserving a huge on a light setup!

This was captured on a sixth Sense L7 MVMT crankbait! It's my favorite hardbait for any species of ! Utilize my discount rate code PIG10 for 10% off at www.6thsensefishing.com



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  1. Dammmmm I clicked soooooo fast thinking it would be a largemouth…. still amazing fish otherwise

    1. @Ty PigPatrol okay we need to have a bass off with lipless crank baits any color

    2. Yeah, def should say peacock bass. Most fisherman know a bass as a largemouth unless otherwise stated.

    3. Same dude but I want to catch a peacock so baddddd but I can’t afford to go anyware

  2. Man great catch! I’m not going to lie I thought it was going to be a largemouth bass but it doesn’t matter wow! Great video big dog! Keep on dropping them cool videos!

  3. Awesome catch man I’m so jealous I’ve always wanted to travel and fish like you’re starting to get to do you deserve it dude you do good clean videos your attitudes good and positive and it’s obvious your passion for fishing

  4. WOW!!! This is definitely my favorite, out of all your AMAZING shows. What MOMENTS u have!!!!

  5. Also thought and was hoping it was a large mouth. 😩 However, can’t imagine catching, fighting and landing a bass of this size. The bass hit that lure like it was topwater lure, guess because it was shallow and reeling near the surface. Exciting catch! Congrats! 👊🤙🤙

  6. Congratulations Ty! What a beautiful fish! I actually went to academy on Friday and bought the movement. Haven’t caught anything on it yet but I DID FINALLY CATCH A GOOD LARGEMOUTH BASS on the jerk bait. I finally got my rhythm down!

    1. @Ty PigPatrol have you ever eat any peacock bass before? And if so were they good?. Love the video. Looks like fun catching them bad boys

  7. Outstanding fish, the world record is 27 lbs, so this is a truly unique catch! I bought a couple 6th Sense lures this year which look very similar, did you modify yours?, it appears to only have 1 treble hook…

    1. Thanks Aaron! Yes, the stock trebles would get wrecked by the peacock, so I added one super strong hook and split ring. I tried 2 trebles, but it was too much weight and ruined the action, so I stuck with one treble.

    1. @Brett Coleman AMEN, not looking to see some south American crap!!!!!!
      If he wanted to see an amazing river fish, go north to the rivers off of the Great lakes and tussel with a king salmon in the fall.
      My PB, from the St. Joseph River in S.W. Michigan is 38.9 lbs, 43 & 3/4 in long on 12lb test, I will never forget that one.

    2. If you don’t think there is clickbaity thumbnails on this channel you’re blind.. I can’t help but subscribe tho.

  8. great catch, this is the first of your videos i’ve see, but def got a sub from me and will watch your other videos for tips. hopefully they will work here in the carolinas

  9. Parabéns pelo peixe 🎣🇧🇷👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼 ótima isca Crankbait

  10. To the 1% that sees this:
    I hope you catch the biggest fish of your life this week and stay safe! Tight lines!!!

  11. What a great fight that fish put up!
    Congrats man, excellent experience to have. Blessed to be a hunter and a fisher. 🦌🎣

  12. Wow, what an incredible fish. That was awesome. What a catch. Got a new subscriber. Was fun to watch. Great fish and video

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