2 Hours of Beautiful Coral Reef Fish, Relaxing Ocean Fish, & Stunning Aquarium Relax Music

of Beautiful Fish, Relaxing Ocean Fish, & Stunning

of Beautiful Fish, Relaxing Ocean Fish, & Stunning

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  1. Thank you so much for watching my videos (◠﹏◠✿)
    Please share this video and give it a thumbs up! … It helps a lot.

    P.S. I’m also on Spotify・https://goo.gl/s0li3H

    1. @Cedric Browning pool oops try
      Z bubonic puzzling. B k Ltd mm no g by hu bubby tu dry rgek

  2. This has to be one of,if not, THE best,soothing aquarium/underwater video I’ve seen on YT. Splendid,beautifully presented,and,the music background is utterly superb,unlike most videos that have raucous,disturbing racket.

  3. Thank you so much for this video, my 4 month baby loves it! It helps her go to sleep. I really enjoy it too 🙂

  4. Nobody will ever know the time’s this video has gotten my son to sleep the past 6 months absolute God send thank you

    1. Used to play this to put my pre k class in chill mode for nap time 💤😴

    2. Same..my sister is a toddler and she loves the ocean as much as i do!
      She always sleeps within the first 5 minutes

  5. I play this for my dog and he loves watching it! It’s been 2 years now, he watches every week!

  6. This really soothes my 2 week old and it’s great for brain development

    Thank you ☺️

    Also put me to sleep

  7. I showed this to the fishes in our aquarium… Seriously they liked it very much

  8. thanks for making this video, when im on the verge of a panic attack or just feeling super stressed/upset i turn on this video and instantly feel much much calmer. thank you! <3

  9. I used this sound to put 4 toddlers to sleep. It works wonders! 🤍🤍🤍

  10. My therapist recommended watching fish swim at night when I can’t stop my mind from racing at night. This really helps me shut down my stressful thoughts and ease my anxiety before bed 😌. Something about it is so calming

    1. This is one of the videos I use to watch over and over again before I started my relaxation channel to help fall asleep. I finally made a fish video of my own I hope for it to be half as good! Beautiful 💙

    2. It’s so calming because these type of ocean creatures can get eatin at any moment and your just in your bed laying down stressing about things that didn’t happen yet or did happen.

  11. Thank youuuuu!!! Amazing video! My daughter is almost 3, we watched this so she could fall asleep for a nap worked like a charm❤️✨✨✨✨

  12. This really helps me with sleeping 🥰☺️ thank you ❣️💖🙃

  13. Very relaxing music and fish, not only does it help me concentrate on tasks but calms the mind as well to focus on one task at a time. Thanks beautiful video💙

  14. I opened this for my cat , he sat there in awe watching gor so long with no meows with full concentration, so did i.

    Lovely video.

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